2024 National Signature Project Award

The NATIONAL SIGNATURE PROJECT AWARD is awarded annually to an outstanding and innovative classroom project that exemplifies the very best in rural, place-based education. The National Signature Project Award is open to any rural classroom teacher in the United States, and it is jointly funded by Rural Schools Collaborative (RSC) and the National Rural Education Association (NREA). In addition to the signature award, NREA and RSC may also award two runner-up awards, depending on the quality of applications.

The grant application deadline is SUNDAY, May 5th, by 11:59 P.M (CST).

The maximum award is $2,500. In addition to the maximum award of $2,500, The Rural Schools Collaborative and National Rural Education Association will compensate both the awardees’ travel and registration fees for their attendance to The 2024 National Forum to Advance Rural Education – happening in Savannah, Georgia on October 31-November 1, 2024.

Place-based education gives meaning to learning, strengthens the bonds between school and community, and instills pride in the cultures and histories of rural places and small towns. We hope you will consider submitting an application to this program.

Previous National Signature Project Award winners and current Grants in Place Fellows are not eligible to apply for the 2024 Seventh Annual National Signature Project Award.

Follow the link to apply now.

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