RSC Founding Board Members

Collaboration, Commitment & Creativity Drive Outcomes

Good afternoon to the AIRSS community,

Please take time to read this article posted at the Rural Schools Collaborative website regarding the work being accomplished on behalf of the rural school community at large and our Executive Director David Ardrey. As David continues the work to build and strengthen our organization (AIRSS), his work at the national level will only serve to support and enhance the position of AIRSS. The collaborative spirit by which he works, will allow AIRSS to benefit from a greater reach and prospective. We look forward to seeing you in late September at our annual meeting at IASA.

The Rural Schools Collaborative (RSC) board of directors thanks everyone who played a role in what was a very successful first full year of operations. Generous donors, volunteer contributors, and innovative rural schoolteachers came together in a way that exceeded our most optimistic expectations. Under the leadership of RSC board chair, David Ardrey, we formulated an action plan and made every effort to achieve our outcome-based goals. Please take just a moment to read about some of our highlights from the past year.

Oh, and thanks again for your support.

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