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We need your help to ensure the Governor prioritizes an investment of at least $350M for Evidence-Based Funding (EBF) in the FY23 budget! Thanks to your steady advocacy, the Illinois General Assembly invested new dollars into EBF last year. EBF takes into account student needs and distributes new state dollars to districts equitably. Because of this, districts are able to make long-term investments in their schools and communities – investments that are advancing equity. Let’s keep up the progress to ensure all students in Illinois receive the high-quality education they deserve.

We need your help in advocating to ensure that Governor Pritzker prioritizes a minimum of $350 million for EBF in the FY 2023 budget. We are ramping up our advocacy in advance of the Governor’s Budget and State of the State Address.

From now until February 2, we will be sharing daily social media messages, draft letters, and phone scripts to address the governor directly. We encourage you to customize the messages and share why funding our schools is important to you and your community.

Take action now, and share this toolkit with your network.

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