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Thank You to Illinois Secretary of Education Dr. Beth Purvis

As most of you know by now, Dr. Purvis has announced she is stepping down as Secretary of Education under Governor Rauner. I want to take the liberty to publicly thank Dr. Purvis for her service to the state of Illinois, her commitment to our schools and children and in particular her willingness to learn and support Illinois rural and small schools.

From the very first introduction and meeting Dr. Purvis assured me that while her knowledge of rural education was at best minimal, her willingness to learn was at the forefront of the conversation. I can’t emphasize enough that Dr. Purvis has been a strong supporter and advocate of our rural and small schools and the follow through on her promise to learn was kept.

The state of Illinois will greatly miss the personable and professional manner Dr. Purvis went about her work. In what was arguably one of the most challenging two years in any the state, Dr. Purvis never waivered from her commitment to our children, our schools and result driven outcomes. The funding reform commission will be the hallmark of her success, but her approach to the work is what I will remember. I have appreciated the candor of our conversations, the honesty by which she spoke, her willingness to speak to anyone about the issues and the high level of integrity by which she conducted herself.

In closing, a personal note of thanks for the support you have given, the respect you have shown and the work you accomplished while serving as our Secretary of Education in Illinois. I know our rural school folks wish you and your family well in your new endeavor.

David Ardrey
Executive Director
Association of Illinois Rural and Small Schools

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